More than just a solution provider,
Transax Technologies is the true business partner of successful retailers throughout North America and Australia.

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POS in a Box




DATA Center

We deliver tailored solutions to the retailers in Canada, United-States and Australia and leverage our international strategic alliances to offer one-stop shopping software and hardware solutions. Since we own the source codes of our software, we can integrate rapidly and efficiently into customer's existing platforms. Our solutions include :

  • Debit/credit/gift/loyalty switch certified with most of the processors in North America ;
  • PC or  stand-alone payment applications ;
  • PC or stand-alone gift/loyalty application ;
  • POS software ;
  • POS hardware such as cash drawers, IP cameras, PC POS, bar code readers, printers ;
  • Stand-alone EFT POS ;
  • Networking hardware such as modems, routers, switches, POE switches.

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